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We are a church in Kungsbacka that consists of children, young people, and adults. Each one of us has had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and live daily in a friendship with him and each other. Jesus has changed our lives and given us solid ground to build our lives on, He who is the eternal rock. Most of us are families with children living in Kungsbacka. We work in and around Kungsbacka, among other things as carpenters, salesmen, caretakers, engineers, and teachers. We like to help each other in a practical way and have a common priority to socialize in different ways across the age limits, by meeting to e.g. eat together, play sports or have a party.


In addition to everyday fellowship, we meet in small groups at home each week to encourage each other, pray, study the Bible, and together discover more and more how we can daily live the life that God has intended for us. Also, we meet every month with the whole congregation. Then we have a family party with singing, music, and teaching, and we also eat together. We do not have our own meeting room but rent one if needed.


We have a very good exchange with South American congregations, especially in Brazil. From the church that lives in Porto Alegre, a city located in southern Brazil, some people have even moved to Kungsbacka. Through the continuous contact we have with the congregation there, we have received a lot of practical help in the life of the church and with various principles from the Bible, such as discipleship. We have also been able to contribute with financial resources to an orphanage in that city, as well as to soup kitchens in some of the poorest areas.


All Christians here in the city are our siblings because God is our father. Thus, we are part of God's church in Kungsbacka. We value the many personal relationships we have with leaders and siblings in other congregations and communities, where we want to grow in cooperation and unity, with Jesus as the foundation. Our desire is to together with the entire church of God in Kungsbacka, be able to influence the society we live in, care about people, sharing hope and faith in the future.

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