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There are many examples in the bible about young people being called by God to fulfill their purpose on earth and we at Fast Mark believe that God still wants to use us as His tools in every environment we are inserted. We are all facing different challenges in the process of growing up and becoming adults, but we believe, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus is the ONLY WAY, the ONLY TRUTH, and the ONLY LIFE we need and that’s what we want to live for. 

There is a special force in the young generation coming directly from the Father that makes us all able to “overcome the evil” (1 Jo 2:14), that is why we need and must have time to seek God’s kingdom first. We also believe that relationships makes us stronger and that we need each other. That is why we have many activities year-round so the teenagers and youth can together seek Jesus and also learn and build each other’s lives. It's amazing to have people by your side with whom you can share victories, challenges, fears, mistakes, and wounds and find healing for all of this together, in JESUS CHRIST!

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